SHIATSU, Japanese massage
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Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique. In earlier days it was mainly used within families. In this century Japanese therapists like Namikoshi and Masunaga, developed shiatsu into a professional therapy. They introduced shiatsu in Europe. At the moment shiatsu is becoming more and more known in Europe. That is not strange, because shiatsu is very effective and easy to apply. If you want more information, there are many books about shiatsu. You can also read my page about shiatsu.

Shiatsu is -like acupuncture- based on the theory of yin/yang and the 5 elements. Knowledge and understanding of this theory is essential to make a proper diagnose.
But you can't learn shiatsu from a book. You should look for a teacher. Shiatsu is given on the ground on a futon. This asks a lot of physical skills from the therapist. That is why do-in is taught as well.

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