Rian Visser

Haarlem, Netherlands

I started studying shiatsu in 1988. First I studied with A. van Wietingen, teacher of the IOKAI Shiatsu Academy Nederland. From 1991 I studied with Sasaki sensei, founder and teacher of the IOKAI Shiatsu Academy Europe.

Graphic design
I studied graphic design at the art academy and I work as a graphic designer. If you want to see some of my work, please visit my portfolio.

I am the author of books for little children, published by Uitgeverij Gottmer and I write for the television-programme Sesamestreet.

I made the concept of a few games for little children. These games are developed by Jumbo International and illustrated bij Henson studio (Sesamestreet).
Pictures and descriptions of the games are on my website: www.rianvisser.nl.